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A picture is worth a thousand words. Fact!
Unfortunately, CAD designs and drawings are not pictures, and potential clients often do not have the ability (or is it a gift?) to be able to transfer that data from paper or screen and transpose it to visualize a complete and finished product.

Visualizations and renderings are no longer a gimmick, they have moved far beyond that and become a valuable and important sales tool, very much an attention grabbing mechanism. No longer do clients have to stare at confusing 2-Dimensional drawings wondering why there are dashed lines and lines with dots and lines with different thickness' all over the page. Clients can now see photo-realistic renderings of the finished product, and if need be, can see a virtual walk-through, or animation of the product. Clients can see what they are actually buying, and more and more clients are becoming aware of this. Client perceptions and demands are changing and moving with the times.

There is no doubt that these tools clinch deals and sell products. Rendering and Visualization don't make a poor product better but they do make a good product stand out from the crowd, the “wow” factor, if you like. And in these days of increased and cut-throat competition, you need to be distinctive and have a cutting edge selling point.

At ResourceCAD we can take your solid models,2-Dimensional drawings or even sketches, and create 3-Dimensional models complete with materials and render them to stills or animations, and if you require, creating a complete presentation package for you. Please contact us for further details.

View some samples of our work below. Select smaller image to enlarge.

     Train Interior (Bar)
A client presentation created in a combination of AutoCAD and 3DStudioMax.
The carriage was being rebuilt completely from the chassis upwards, and the client wished to see what his final product would look like. The client provided sample materials (seats and carpet fabrics and even a granite sample for the bar) which were then scanned and applied to the model.

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  Train Interior 1
A client presentation created in a combination of AutoCAD and 3DStudioMax.
This was a refurbishment of an existing carriage. The client had already chosen a color scheme but wished to see the overall effect of the scheme when all the materials were combined.

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  Train Interior 2
A client presentation created in a combination of AutoCAD and 3DStudioMax.
Another carriage refurbishment, this time for a change of use. The carriage was originally a baggage car and the client wished to turn it into a dining / lounge car. This is a view from the dining area viewing towards the lounge area.

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  Eastgate Seat
Another competition entry, again on This time the topic was “Street Furniture”. The subject was selected from a catalogue, very few dimensions were given in the catalogue so the page was scanned and the raster inserted into AutoCAD then scaled and traced to produce the profile of the seat frame. This was then exported to 3D Studio Viz, where it was further modeled to produce the finished item you see here.

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Created entirely in 3D Studio Viz. For those of you who don't know what a Dalek is, it's an alien mechanoid from the BBC television series “Dr Who” (the alien actually sits inside the Dalek). Accurate plans for Daleks are hard to come by so these Daleks were created from examining various photographs and adjusting the model until it looked sufficiently realistic.
This was created as an entry for a Science Fiction competition on

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